Do you know what return you get on your networking?

If networking is part of your promotional mix then you need to measure its success against the investment you make in it.

That’s not just in the investment in your health, eating English breakfasts, but also your time and money including the time following up. You do follow up, don’t you?

Like anything in marketing, the important element is the thinking you do before you act.

Here are three issues to consider when developing your networking strategy:

  1. Who do you need to meet for the success of your business?
    Think beyond customers to centres of influence who could refer you, potential collaborators, suppliers, advice or a supportive environment of similar people.
  2. What fits with your business operation and personal life?
    How much time can you give and what time of day suits you. When assessing networks establish the real time commitment to be successful.
  3. What suits your personal style and what you are selling?
    Some products or services are simple to understand so speed networking or large events meeting lots of people can allow you to screen for potential purchasers; others need a longer conversation either because they are complex or why you are different takes some explaining which feels rushed in 60 seconds. Do you like structure or informality? Is your business about you and you want to build long term relationships meeting people regularly?

This is just the start of planning your Networking Strategy. If you want to know more and access tools to help you develop a practical plan then we have a business skills session ‘Getting the most from your networking’ being run on the 25th June which you can attend for free if you register here.



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