Zoe Heath, FM World UK

Geoff Bell, Keyfleet

Tehsin Khan, Growth Pad

"I am working with Bob and Sarah Brown from inspire2aspire. This is my first business and they are incredibly valuable. I have moved from aimlessly trying to make websites for people to having a detailed understanding of myself and my business. We have used a wide range of tools to develop a business plan that is expanding all the time and working well. Their 1 hour monthly meeting with me often goes on for 3 and they happily look over things between meetings giving their honest opinion. Oh yes and their good company too! I would highly recommend them."

Sam Hollis,

Sam Hollis Web Design

"Sarah's creative genius and ideas have helped my business grow to the point that cash flow has doubled. She has taken the lead in areas I am weak in and help bring a creative spark and a helping hand. Working with Sarah and Bob is like having a board of directors on hand."

Neil Maycock,

Digital Impact Solutions

"I've been working with Sarah and Bob for a few months now- they have been of great support, have helped me focus my business plan and develop greatly as a new business at a time that I need it most by giving me ideas, develop strategies and skills."

Sarah Batty,

Something Better

"I love working with Bob. He is a constant source of support, advice, inspiration and always manages to keep me focused. Every time I meet with Bob I come away with either a new skill or a new idea. He is also an absolute gentleman. I challenge anyone to give Bob a problem he can’t fix. With Bob Brown and Sarah Brown you get two for one and they are an incredible force of nature. No hesitation recommending them"

Caroline Andrew Johnstone,


"Since working with Bob I’m feeling passionate and excited about my business again. It all feels so much simpler now that Bob has weeded out my nonsense! Great business tools intelligently applied and an approach unique to each client; what's not to like?"

Denise Jacques,

Azimuth Life Coaching

"Sarah & Bob have the experience to challenge you, processes to get ideas out of you & tools to help you put structure in place. Important to me is they also display ethical behaviours to help you make the right choices. I took the monthly package & it helped me cut through the clutter & focus on what needed to be done to set my business up for success. I don’t hesitate in recommending them to you. Oh & btw they are also very nice people!"

Steve Knapp,

Steve Knapp Sales Excellence

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